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» » David Banner - Strange

David Banner - Strange

Isn't it strange what life is, what life ain't and lil niggas still think its a game
you wanna black president, but we ain't ready for change,
lil chain round ya neck like we still slaves
my lil cuz comin up he wanna be in the game
my other cuz got knocked and he givin up names
penalty flag what part of the game is that
man the streets too hot, but I don't be in the trap no mo
we too familiar with them 6 by 4s my nigga
I'm too finish had to hit and go and i ain't trickin what you sweatin me foe.... hoe
now you a lady of God I think you playin with God ma
I'll take ya mo serious but you put it in my car
Monday thru thursday you ain't thought about church
But Saturday you splurgin for a skirt for service to hear the word.... that's absurd
(Isn't it strange) I used to understand but now I overstand the governments plan to cuff
a brother man and let another man raise his seed
do atleast its biological they all got beef
It's all part of the scheme we all part-ly beat
the cops target the weak and make us live in the beast
but if I pull and release them pigs will pull out the sheets
and have a nigga hemmed up for possesion
I'm stressin cause it's strange to me it's all plain to see
yall dudes is rockin tight jeans like a dani-ty but you bangin the heat
you a G I'm a G too can't compare me to yo style ya see thru
homie ya like rainbow day ya too gay
I see you niggas in extentions man what happened to fades
folks is playin both sides that why she playin with aids
man we livin in the day and time where we stand for nothin fall for anything and everything they say is fine...... yeah!

(Big Remo)
Our black women play momma and daddy while daddy ride around all day flossin his caddy
he got the 24s spinnin 3 or 4 women but he's much too busy for the kids to come visit
so he send em to his sister and her baby father been trippin
and they stuck dab in the middle you need to sit yaself down a minute and kiss em
now you in child support court tryin to claim that you miss em.... oh really
why they take Tupac and Biggie ya dig, Martin and Malcom Huey the Black Panther.

Isaac and Bernie Mac died back to back got the soul man and Oprah ain't happy
she fat again.... Yeah

(Big Remo)
and why us blacks ain't accept by Africans
if yall know the answers then share with ya next of kin yea
cause half the niggas around my way tryin to find a way
but the guidance strayed.... I'm sayin

See man I was jus sittin back wondering like, when I die and i bow to my knees
when I meet the maker like, what am I gonna say that I did with this blessing call music
(we) kings and queens yall, and when the souths time over I want em to know that we
was more than jus gold teeth.... mo than jus white tees.....you know what I'm talkin bout my nigga.... mo than ass and titties.... But 9th wonder I love titties