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» » Nikki Hornsby - Travel On

Nikki Hornsby - Travel On

i know the pain you feel i've been there before
so let me try to help you walk through that door
travel on travel on
don't stop at storms within the night
there's a callin' in the wind;
don't stop at storms don't dim the light
hold tight and you will mend.
travel on sweet traveler
your life is not to end
travel on sweet traveler
real love's around the bend

a promise wise our maker claims
there's a reason for your pain
& if your heart were closed to love
no happiness you'd gain.
chorus: travel on....
a promise made a promise keep
there still are miles to go
a promise made stay on your feet
all struggel's worth i'm told
chorus: travel on...
but when the journey's end is near
the sun will shine so bright
and all the travel that you've made
no darkness left in sight
& all the struggle and the pain
will fade as answers come.
for nothing's quite as sweet as this
when you know your journey has just begun.
travel on travel on travel on.