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» » Edge Of Sanity - Burn The Sun

Edge Of Sanity - Burn The Sun

Music: Andreas Axelson, Benny Larsson, Sami Nerberg
Lyrics: Andreas Axelson
Andreas Axelson: Guitar
Benny Larsson: Drums
Anders Lindberg: Bass
Dan Swano: Lead Vocals

So what is life
Don't we all dream of dying or when to die
Mesmerized we try to find the answers we rather keep inside
Se what are we on our knees and image of all that used to be
Straight forward death campaign
Let's go where the dreams shall always reign

So what is death
No need to die
It's a power we can deny
Leving dead a way of life
:aid to rest is this a lie
Forever turned backwards
Break the circle
Invert the starsign in the sky

Hang on
Our jorney's begun
Survival means failure under this black burning sun
Be strong your walk has been long
But these wings of fire will cary you on

Murder one
Race is run
Killing spree is life undone
Are you dead before you live
Do you have to take before you give
Day of time yet to come
Your clock is ticking by your dream-drum left for dead
Left to life
Will you overcome the circle strife

The skeletons in your closed world
awaits the angel of a world that burns
The dream begins
No need to repent your living sins
You're free to hate the ones before
Wordly devastation is nothing compared to altered mind