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» » Tech N9ne - Pornographic

Tech N9ne - Pornographic

Tech n9ne:
Where the camera at?
I'm tryin to hammer that your glammer got rappers,actors etc havin a damn attack
and its that bam and back thats standing fat with your rack
Lets get cannid act like your janet jack and mash in the sack
Or pretend your Nikki Nova while i film and flip it over
Get me closer to sticky soaking with my nifty poker
This is the culture
Where we kiss the chocha
and if she know to get below the big derover lick these soldiers strictly vulgar (Look at her go)
Watching you on the T.V.
(like at a show)
Actin like you her pinkey.
far from nasty and sleezy
(your not a ho)
Best believe me
Something you said made me wanna jump in the bed
dumpin my threads while your spread legs dead on my red cam
this aint a bread scam
just wanna bust hair jams she said ram me and play it man and i said DWAMM.

Pornographic ohh
Don't make you a ho ohh
We can take it slow ohh
No one has to know ohh

Oh Oh lets make a porno-
You can taste me ill eat ya up like Digiorno
Don't be shy thats a no-no
Me on you picture that like a photo.

E 40:
Back it up like a garbage truck
ass like amber rose
bouncin up and down like a pogo stick
I wanna see yuh touch yuh toes

I'ma lay on my back and let you do to all the work
'Til you reach your climax and squeeze me
Cream on my thing like a wet dream
Pussy juice dripping just like PET milk

We on that